Held in the Hurricane 

To those who are at a loss,

whether it be of a relationship, of a loved one, or of your way. Be found. As you run in circles a million miles a minute, it’s easy to lose focus and become bogged down. If you take a second and put your troubles fully in Christ’s arms, your burden becomes so light. But you can’t half-heartedly give your burdens to Christ, you have to do it sold out and completely. In today’s world it is so easy to think that we have too many problems for God, but that’s where we are wrong. Christ created the world and holds it in His hands (so obviously He can handle anything). It takes sold out faith to hand it all to Christ and honestly a weak and tired heart to be ready to give it all over. We want control in life, but God has all control so ultimately we are set up to fail in that category. No human is going to bring you joy. No boyfriend is going to take away your hurt. Unfortunately even your best friend can’t take away your biggest heartaches. Joy comes only from the Lord. The only one who is going to take away your heartache is Christ. So save yourself the trouble, cast your cares and worries upon the Lord and watch Him work. Be held and know God has you wrapped in His arms and will never let go. 
              xoxo caroline 


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