Lust Looks Like Love. 

If he doesn’t love Jesus, he doesn’t love you. The simple, yet hard to swallow truth is that a guy who controls his own heart doesn’t wholeheartedly love you. The thing about our heart is that it is selfish, boy and girl alike. A heart left in our own hands is left in danger. When we try to love without loving Christ first, we fail. Actually anything we do apart from Christ ultimately fails.

 Now you probably have that one guy in mind that you are thinking “really loves” you, but if he doesn’t love Christ he doesn’t know how to truly love. Love does not grow weary. If he “loves” you today and only “likes” you tomorrow, he doesn’t love you. More than likely he lusts after you, but still…that’s not love.

 In the world of teenage relationships lust can be disguised as “love”, but lust grows weary and changes with the wind. If you feel like an expectation must be met to obtain his “love”, it’s not love… it’s lust. The guy who loves the Lord will love you, and the guy who loves the Lord will love people. The guy who loves the Lord may struggle with lust, but will truly know how to love others. 

Wait for the guy who loves the Lord. Relationships are a gift, and singleness is a gift. Use the gift God gives you to glorify Him. 

So love the Lord as well, and love people. 

           With love, caroline 


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