Christ’s Crystal

To the girl who feels like her power was stripped,

From a girl who allowed a boy to drag her around, you are worth more. You are worth more than the occasional text they send that you feel you have to respond to. You do not deserve to be second best. A boy that keeps you on a leash for his own selfish gain is just that, a boy. You deserve to be cherished as Christ’s daughter not some pawn on a chess board. The pain and heart ache they bring is damaging (trust me I know). Only through Christ and His love do you recognize your worth. You are a daughter of the King of kings. He beautifully crafted you to be a witness of His great love. Don’t let some boy keep you chained from the blessings Christ brings.

Christ sets you free and man is it wonderful!

All glorious is the princess within her chamber; her gown is interwoven with gold.       Psalm 45:13

xoxo, caroline


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