How Deep? 

To those who can’t get the grasp on faith they want,

It seems like it’s a constant struggle between too good of a christian and just a plain heathen. You feel like you have to shift your faith to your friend group. To your church friends you can openly share your beliefs and tend to act like a “better christian.” But to your worldly friends you feel like conforming is the easier option. Your faith shouldn’t be a two sided thing. Don’t get me wrong a diverse friend group is not the problem but you and your faith are. Your faith should be a brick wall not a piece of paper. In a world that shifts its morals as easily as the wind blows, a weak faith is just about as bad as no faith at all. If you are not deeply rooted, where are you? As I’ve struggled with this question, I can’t help but wonder why I struggle. God’s love is clearly displayed and shown everywhere, so why is that not enough for me? Because I am full of sin. I’m in love with the world when I should love what God gave the world. Redemption. My prayer for myself and you is that our faith becomes stronger than the urge to conform.  
            xoxo, caroline


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