The Way of The World

To those with a shattered and confused heart

The world doesn’t know God, nor does it know His truth. The world doesn’t bring joy but tries to destroy it. In difficult times it’s hard to understand why horrible things can happen, the only explanation is the world isn’t a peaceful place. Because sin entered the world, the world will not know peace. Peace comes through Christ alone. It’s confusing to understand why God allows bad things to happen. I can’t understand it but I can trust that there is a reason. The outcome of tragedy always seems to bring people closer and praise be to God. Christ turns everything for His glory and it becomes clearer when you turn your eyes to Him. Praise God in the hard times and see His blessings.  

My heart goes out to those who have lost a piece of their heart along with a friend. 

Lord restore the joy I had! In this darkness lead me through until all I see is You!

             xoxo caroline


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