Wicked Wit

To the you with the attitude,

You’ve got wit that can kill and a fuse that’s easily lit. You aren’t fully aware of the power your words bring. The Lord says that the tongue brings life and death, and you choose which you bring. Personally I can say that I’ve shared a fair amount of both; honestly I can say I’ve shared more evil words. A short temper is my achilles heel and I realize that. In weakness comes strength although it may not feel so. To recognize a weakness is the first step to overcoming that flaw.Being quick to anger is no sin that will be over looked and for me the hardest to overcome. To hate one’s brother is to be unaware of Christ’s light. We cannot let anger keeps us from truly walking in Christ’s path. Although (if you’re like me) your wit brings laughs, it can also cause hidden pain. Christ humbles you to the realization of your sin and turns you away. The struggle with sin is a day to day battle that you have already won. Sin and death have lost their sting due to Christ’s reign. Christ fought for you. So fight for him. The reward given from Christ at the end of your journey is far greater than the comeback you have. So bite your tongue, say a prayer, and be slow to anger for Christ’s gift and light is far greater.


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