Relationships in Reality

To those like me,

Relationships take a major toll in your life. They shape you, they mold you, they help make you, so you should pick them wisely. If you’re like me you throw yourself totally into every relationship, friendship to dating. Throwing yourself all in can get you hurt, or be so rewarding. It’s important to evaluate relationships before diving too deep. If you’re like me there are just some toxic relationships you feel like you are too deep to get out of. Those relationships are very important and can make or break you. You wouldn’t willingly and knowingly drink poisonous chemicals, so why would you do the same with relationships? You make excuses for their actions, I know I get it. But you shouldn’t have to; you shouldn’t have to move a mountain for someone who won’t move a grain of sand. Relationships are only efficient when both sides are working as equals. No less than the very best should be put into your relationships. Although there are toxic relationships you have to learn from and conquer, it makes you appreciate the blessed ones so much more. I don’t know where I’d be without great friendships! Most importantly is your relationship with Jesus. When it starts to pour and all feels lost and it seems no one is there, He is there to cling to. So be a good friend, to others and for yourself, and cling to the loving Father.

My soul clings to You; Your right hand upholds me. Psalms 63:8

xoxo, caroline


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